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» News

The presentation of the Erasmus + program for academic year 2017/18 is available here.


 We invite you for  information meeting for students qualified for the Erasmus + program in the academic year 2017/18. Presence at the meeting is compulsory for students going for the winter semester and for the whole year. Non-compulsory attendance for students leaving in the summer semester. Meetings for those students will be held at a later time. All meetings are of the same content, so it is compulsory to attend only one.


• Auditorium Maximum ul. Krupnicza 33, Small Hall

-29.03.2017 at 13:30 -14: 30

-30.03.2017 at 15:00 -  16:00

-31.03.2017 at 12:30 -13: 30


• Campus Ju WZiKS  Łojasiewicza 4 street, room 0.307

-28.03.2017 at 14:00 - 15:00



We invite you to join our FB group - Erasmus + UJ trips / outgoing:

This way you will be able to contact the people who were, are or will be on the Erasmus +.

» About Erasmus+ programme

General information:

ERASMUS program was established in 1987 as student’s exchange programme. Although its scope and objectives have broadened over the years, the main idea remains the same: the development of international cooperation between universities. The name of the programme – Erasmus, refers to the name of the Dutch philosopher and theologian, humanist, Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466-1536), who studied in many universities in different countries of Europe, and his views on education were deeply imbued with humanism.

The Erasmus is a programme dedicated to the universities, its students and staff. It promotes international cooperation in higher education institutions, allows students to go abroad for part of their studies and placements

All students participating in Erasmus programme are eligible to receive a grant, regardless of their nationality. Students must be registered in a higher education institution and enrolled in studies leading to a recognised degree or other recognised tertiary level qualification (up to and including the level of doctorate).


PhD students’ participation:

PhD students apply for Erasmus+ programme on similar terms as other students. They need to take part in recruitment process, the two main criteria are:

- the grade point average

- a foreign language level matching the requirements of the host university.

The mobility can start already on the first year of studies. As other students also PhD students need to establish programme of studies on a foreign university and they need to participate in classes during their stay abroad.


Part-time/evening and external studies:

Students of part time/evening and external studies may apply for Erasmus+ mobility and they may also solicit a partial or total exemption from fees ( to this end they need to apply to Dean of the Faculty after being qualified for Erasmus+ Programme.)

Where can you go?

As a scholarship holder you can go to a country that takes part in a programme. Erasmus+ is open to: countries of the European Union, three EEA countries (Island, Lichtenstein and Norway) and two candidate countries (Croatia and Turkey).

Students may only go to those partner universities that have signed relevant interinstitutional agreements with your faculty. The list of the universities is available on the web page of International Relations Office.

Zero Grant Student

The Erasmus+ programme offers students the opportunity to use the Erasmus status as a Zero Grant Student. All conditions that apply to students with an Erasmus+ Scholarship will then also apply to Zero Grant Students. However, you won’t actually receive an Erasmus Scholarship for your period abroad. This would, for example, be the case when the scholarship budget for the academic year in question has already been used up.

You need to interrupt or cancel your stay

Force majeure is a common clause that essentially frees both parties from obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties. Each partecipant of the programme should immediately contact International Students Mobility Office and explain what has happened, write a request for qualification as ”Force majeure“, submit Confirmation of Stay, LAS. Your request will be send to National Agency. In the circumstances of Force Majeure you would not have to pay money already spent for the period you were at the institution. However you will have to return the part of the grant already received for any unused period. In case of negative consideration you will be ask to return whole amout of the grant for the period of stay shorter than 90 days.

The rights and duties of scholarship holder

A list of principal rights and duties of the students taking part in a mobility programme is available in Erasmus Student Charter. Each students receives his own copy  of the Charter before the departure, usually after signing the contract. Below you can see the content of Erasmus Student Charter.

Erasmus Student Charter

The status of Erasmus student receive a student which fulfill criteria of participation in Erasmus mobility and was classified by their home university to mobility programme in a partner university in order to carry out the study programme or in an enterprise in order to realize the placement.

In case of learning mobility, both the home university as well as the host university need to own Erasmus University Charter published by European Commission.

In case of placement mobility the home university of the student need to own extended Erasmus University Charter .

Health insurance

Each student participating in Erasmus+ programme is obliged to have health insurance. Students from the European Union or European Economic Area are entitled to medical services on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) valid in the country of host institution. Each student is responsible for having valid health insurance or travel insurance and know the conditions of this insurance. You should submit in International Students Mobility Office a copy of your European Health Insurance Card. We recommend that you purchase additional medical insurance or transportation insurance.

» For how long can you go for Erasmus+?

You decide how long you will stay abroad but in consultation with your departmental  coordinator. You can choose winter/summer semester (4,5 months) or full academic year (9 months). The placement period needs to be a minimum of 2 months and can last for a maximum of 12 months per each cycle of studies. In the case of uniform (long-cycle) Master’s degree studies, a student shall be allowed a total of periods of Erasmus+ mobility for studies and/or traineeships, which does not exceed 24 months.

Your stay in host institution cannot be shorter than 3 months nor longer than 12 months within one academic year.

Capital mobility: for each of the three levels of studies, the student has the right to use the departure or departures for study and traineeship placements lasting a total to 12 months in one study cycle:

  • To 12 months on the first level

  • To 12 months on the second level

  • To 12 months on the third level (PhD)

  • To 24 months on  long- cycle master degree studies

To the total number of months - within each level of study - includes the early departures from the LLP / Erasmus.

Extending the Erasmus Period

If your Erasmus+ stay is in winter semester, you can extend your stay for summer semester. In this case you need a consent of you departmental coordinator and of host’s university coordinator. Fill in Extension form document and deliver it to International Students Mobility Office (with all required signatures): first as a scan to or and than the original form deliver to the office at least 30 days before the end of your grant. We cannot garantee that you will receive a grant for the next semester.

Extending the Erasmus Period for a few weeks

A letter of intent to extend your stay at a foreign university must be sent to the DMWS no later than one month prior to the end of the mobility period. There will be a proportionate increase in the scholarship and will depend of the budget for the current academic year.The scholarship holder must sign and submit an annex to the contract to DMWS during mobility.

Shortening the Erasmus + scholarship

The scholarship holder can apply for a shorter stay from full academic year to one semester. For this purpose you should obtain a contest of  the departmental coordinator of the Jagiellonian University and coordinator of receiving institution. You should fill in resignation form and deliver it to DMWS. Shortening the scholarship will entail a change in scholarship. The scholarship will be proportionately reduced to the length of stay and will be calculated by Mobility Tool +. Each student will be obliged to sign an annex to the contract even during mobility.

» Check where you can go

The map of Jagiellonian University Erasmus+ agreements with european universities

» Admission 2017/18

Erasmus procedure for academic year 2017/2018

NOTE: Switzerland is excluded from the Erasmus+ 2017/18 program. You can apply for a  scholarship in Switzerland but it cannot be financed from the Erasmus + program budget. Scholarships will be awarded by the Swiss Government. Scholarship rates are available [here].




Recruitment for the Erasmus + program in the academic year 2017/18 takes place exclusively through the USOSweb system. To participate in the recruitment process, you must log in to the USOSweb system and then enter the Student Exchange tab.


Schedule and Recruitment:


-16.01. -06.02.2017 - recruitment deadline, submission of applications via USOSweb system


-07 -15.02.2017- qualification of students and PhD students and announcement of results in the institutes/faculties

-16 -24.02.2017 - Appeal procedure and qualification of students from other institutes / faculties


* Each unit that takes part in the Erasmus + Study program can individually change the recruiting schedule so check your institute / faculty website for exact recruitment dates!


A list of Erasmus + institute / faculty coordinators is available [here].

Check where you can go. You can find a list of foreign universities here [here]


The  criteria should be checked on the home page of your JU home institution. The  list of criteria for all Erasmus + Study units is available [here].


Recruitment for scholarship within frames of another institute/department.


Only in exceptional and justified cases!

It is not possible to fill in a USOSweb application of another institute/department.

You can take part in the recruitment during appeal procedure, provided that the place will not be used by the home students. Check the recruitment schedule in each unit.

To apply for a mobility in frames of Erasmus+ Programme from another institute / faculty than yours, you must obtain:


The consent of a foreign university’s coordinator to accept Erasmus + students from another institution than provided for by the agreement (consent may be email)


Consent of the coordinator of your institute/department [download]


Consent of the coordinator of the unit from which you wish to apply for mobility.  You should submit all documents required by your home departmental coordinator.


The signed consent of both JU coordinators should be provided to DMWS, ul. Gołębia 24 room 21 at Collegium Novum!


WARNING! The coordinator may not share his /her place for the students from another institute/department.

» Admission 2016/17

Erasmus+ procedure for summer semester of the academic year 2016/2017


Attention! Students of the Faculty of Management and Social Communication should apply via USOSweb

Application deadline:

26/09 - 14/10/2016 - all obligatory documents must be submitted to your departmental coordinator/secretary office

17/10  - 21/10/2016 - selection of candidates,

24.10. - 26.10.2016 - appeal procedure


1. Fill in the application on-line:

Attention: do not stamp the application. Please check the content of your application before submitting: after clicking “submit application” no changes can be done.

Pay particular attention to your email address! Please provide your current/valid email address. Choose your institute/ department.

2. Acquaint yourself with the criteria at your institute/department;

3. Submit the file with all the necessary documents  to your departmental coordinator/in secretary office not later than 14th October 2016.


Your file should be labelled in the following way:

Name and surname: Jan Kowalski

Pesel: 9302029999

Institute/department: Wydział Polonistyki

I University: Universidade de Lisboa

II University: Univerza v Ljubljani

III University: Universiteit Utrecht

Period: summer semester

4. A list of Erasmus+ 2016/17 University Partnerships is available here: tutaj.

5. A list of Erasmus+ Programme coordinators at the Jagiellonian University is available here: tutaj.


  • Recruitment for scholarship within the frames of another institute/department.

    Taking part in recruitment within the frames of another institute/department is possible only  exceptionally and in justified cases and in condition that your home institute/department doesn’t have a bilateral agreement in force.

    For mobility within the frames of another institute than your home institute you should:

  • Obtain from the foreign university a consent to receive within the frames of Erasmus+ Programme a student from another, than home, institute (the consent may be send via email).
  • Pass the recruitment process at your home institute. When choosing the university you should write:
  • *departure within the frames of another unit to…

    *choose of 1 university from a quota of your home unit

    *choose of 2 university from a quota of your home unit


  • Enclose the document Zgoda na wyjazd w ramach innej jednostki signed by your departmental coordinator
  • 17.10. -21.10.2016 you should ask a coordinator of another institute if there is a place at the university that you are interested in. Bring with you the signed document.
  • If the coordinator of another unit will agree to give you a place at the university that interests you, he will sign a document: Zgoda na wyjazd w ramach innej jednostki" You need to deliver the document as soon as possible to International Students Mobility Office.



Switzerland has been excluded from the Erasmus+ 2016/17. You can apply for Erasmus+ in Switzerland, but these exchanges will not be be financed from the budget of Erasmus +. Scholarships will be awarded by the Swiss government


» Before arrival

  • To send an application form to host university

  • Learning Agreement for Studies ( signed by departmental coordinator)

  • To sign an agreement student-university (in June)

  • To deliver a form with Bank Details (it shall be sent to the International Students Mobility Office at least one month before the departure)

  • To deliver a copy of  European Health Insurance Card or other medical insurance policy valid for the whole period of student mobility abroad in the host country


» Financial settlement for the Erasmus+ Programme:

Each grant holder of the Erasmus+ Programme will make financial settlement independently in two places: at International Students Mobility Office and at their home institute/department

The following documents are required (just the copies, you can hold the original documents):

  • Learning Agreement for Studies + eventual changes and a part After the Mobility (LA) – signed by three parties: the home university, the host institution and the student. Any changes to the LA made by any of the parties must be made in writing. It is recommended to finish making the potential changes within 1 calendar month from the student’s arrival at the host university.

  • Transcript of records – the document will be issued by the host university confirming the credits obtained and the courses finished at the host university (in case of Research Project instead of Transcript of records the Certificate will be required)

  • Confirmation of stay – the document must include the dates of arrival and departure at/from the foreign university. There are accepted as well other substitutes on condition that it includes the dates of arrival and departure.

  • Filling the questionnaire on line  - On return from the receiving institution students are obliged to fill-in the Erasmus Questionnaire (a link will be send via email)

  • ! The questionnaire need to be filled and sent, do not stamp the questionnaire! After filling it in  you should receive a confirmation in (Dziękujemy za wypełnienie ankiety. Dotyczy Jan Kowalski. ALL documents you can send to the International Students Office by email, fax or post.

If the host university delays the issue of Transcript of records the financial settlement will be prolonged to about one month.



In case of one semester mobility the second instalment is paid after delivery of the set of the documents and filling in the questionnaire on line. As well you need to confirm that the length of the mobility wasn’t shorter than 135 days. In case of a shorter stay, the second instalment will be reduced or won’t be paid.


Students who, after a semester of their mobility, wish to continue studies at a foreign university in the following semester will make a financial settlement for full academic year.


            In case of full academic year mobility:

  • The 3rd instalment will be paid after delivery of the set of documents and filling in the questionnaire on line. In addition you should confirm on Confirmation of stay document that the length of the mobility wasn’t shorter than 270 days. In case of a shorter stay, the third instalment will be reduced or won’t be paid.


» Online Linguistic Support (OLS)

Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support

According to the guideline of Polish National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme, all participants of Erasmus+ mobility activities (studies and/or traineeships) with one of the following languages as the main language of instruction or work: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German ,Italian, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Danish, Portuguese or Swedish must take the assessment twice — before and at the end of their mobility period.

If among available languages there is no a language of instruction or work, the student doesn’t need to take an assessment.

Online Linguistic Support is a tool of evaluation of language competences and improving acquaintance with foreign languages for the participants of the long term mobility in Erasmus+ Programme. OLS is available on .

Mobility Participants User Guide for Assessment is mandatory for all participants before and after the mobility –  results do not prevent participants from taking part in the mobility programme, but can be used to verify the language acquaintance before and after the mobility – the student will receive an email with results of assessment. 

The assessment steps:

1. Each student of the Jagiellonian University assigned to Erasmus Mobility Programme must complete the first language assessment on line before the mobility.

2. The scholarship holder will receive an information from OLS system with the request to complete a mandatory language assessment before the mobility.

3. At the end of their mobility period, participants will be requested to take a second assessment to assess the progress made.

Language assessment on line consists of the following elements:

  • Language courses: menu with the possibility  of improving the competences: reading, writing, grammare, vocabulary, communicaton.

  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on the level chosen by a participant

  • Tutoring: virtual classes, lectures with the teacher each two weeks (for about half an hour between 9am – 4 pm (you must be enrolled)

  • Forum: the teachers are answering on the students questions

  • Level test at the end of the course

  • News

Any technical problems of the Eramsus+ Online Linguistic Support will be sent to technical support of OLS or you can report them directly on OLS web site.

» Social support and programme for disabled students (PO WER)


Students affected by disabilities may apply for additional funds from a special aid fund for persons with disabilities. If you would like to apply for additional fund you should:

  • Fill in electronic application (typed)

  • Enclose a copy of a valid disability degree certificate –  must bear a clause “copy true to the original” (confirmed by the university)

  • Deliver a copy of a confirmation of admission to Erasmus Programme from receiving institution beard a clause “copy true to the original”

  • Maximum rates


  • You need to submit an application without delay after being qualified for the mobility: till he 15th of June, till the 1st of August, the 1st of Dicember, 1st of January. Indicated periods are the dates of application’s arrive to the National Agency.

  • Submitting the application later may be effective in awarding proportionally lower grant or even refusing the application. After the 1st of April no application will be accepted.

Who can apply for additional funds under PO WER programme:

-Students who receive a social scholarship in the semester preceding the semester of study in the Erasmus+ Programme

-Students with a degree of disability who qualify for an Erasmus + scholarship (study and placement)

Contact person: Michał Bereziński, email: tel: 12 663 15 46;


» Scholarship rates


The amount of Erasmus+ Grant:

Mobility for studies:



Monthly rate

Band 1

Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy



Band 2

Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Holland, Island, Luxembourg, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey






Band 3

Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Slovakia, Hungary






If you are in doubt about the exchange with any country - for reasons of broadly understood security - we recommend that you contact the embassy of your country in Poland and your partner university to obtain up-to-date information. It is also necessary to follow the messages available on the MFA website (

Based on the information you have, you can decide whether you want to leave or not, or you can apply for a change of institution.

Mobility participants, irrespective of the country they go to for a scholarship, are obliged to register with the Foreign Ministry portal (Oysseus service).

» Presentations

  • The presentation of the Erasmus + program for the 2017/18 academic year is available [here]


  • The presentation of the information and promotional meeting during the week of the Erasmus + program (16-20.01.2017) including recruitment by USOSweb is available [here]


  • Presentations from April 4-8 2016 information sessions can be found [here]


» Prezentacje, artykuły

Prezentacja ze spotkania informacyjnego dla zakwalifikowanych studentów znajduje się [tutaj].


Monika Rząca, MA

(+48 12) 663 1515

Agata Wądolna, MA

(+48 12) 663 1516

International Students Office

ul. Gołębia 24, room 21
31-007 Kraków

faks: (+48 12) 663 1545