Individual research stays and placements

» Individual research stays at the Jagiellonian University

Basic information

The Jagiellonian University in Kraków accepts requests for short-term research stays within existing bilateral agreements. However, international students have also the opportunity to join our institution for short-term research stays upon individual requests.

Individual research stays can take place in various departments and units of the University. Their duration and programme is always agreed individually with a student based on both student's needs and unit's requirements.

The hight of the tuition fee will be set by the Dean of the particular Faculty depending on the programme of study the student has chosen.

Students realizing individual research stays at the Jagiellonian University are accepted as researchers at our institution. 


Application procedure

Individual requests for short-term research stays should consist of following documents:


  • Written request to the Dean of the appropriate faculty stating the precise time of a research and motivation letter;
  • Research plan / study plan;
  • Statement letter with short motivation of choice of a scientific supervisor (at least a scientist with doctor grade from the particular institute). In case this statement will be not attached, the Dean will assign a supervisor himself;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Copy of the passport page with photo/ID page with photo;
  • Letter of support from home university;
  • Copy of the student ID card of home University/ or official confirmation of student status;

and should be submitted no later than 2 months before the planned start of the stay to:

International Students Mobility Office

Gołębia 24, Room 21
31-007 Kraków
tel: (+4812) 663-15-46    
fax: (+4812) 663-15-45


Acceptation procedure

  • on the basis of Dean's decision an official Letter of Acceptance (as a scan and hardcopy) will be send
  • on the basis of Dean's decision an obligation to pay the tuition fee (if applicable) will be send
  • after being accepted for research stay and upon arrival the student must register at the International Students Mobility Office and then in the office (sekretariat) of the particular department in which was affiliated


» Placements at the Jagiellonian University

Basic information

International students have the opportunity to join the Jagiellonian University for placements organised within Erasmus or also individual requests for placements.

Placements can take place in various departments and units of the University. Their duration and programme is always agreed individually with a student based on both student needs and unit requirements.

Students realizing placement at the Jagiellonian University do not have student status. They are accepted as trainees at our institution. This means that they do not receive student identification cards of the Jagiellonian University.

Application procedure

Jagiellonian University does not provide regular placement programmes. Therefore, international student interested in placement at our institution should:
1. Review university website in order to find a unit where he or she would like to do the placement.
2. Apply directly to the head of chosen university unit. Application should consist of:

  • Cover letter, including proposed plan and dates of the placement as well as strong motivation
  • Resume / curriculum vitae
  • Copy of the passport/ID page with photo
  • Letter of support from home university

Placement applications should be submitted no later then 2 months before planned start of the placement. If student is accepted for a placement, the head of university unit prepares placement agreement, which is signed by university authorities.

» Insurance

Individual research and placement students at the Jagiellonian University must have a valid insurance on the territory of Poland.

Jagiellonian University does not provide any health insurance for students.

EU students should have their own insurance valid for the territory of European Union (for example European Health Insurance Card or other).

Students from the countries other than European Union should apply for medical care/health insurance in their home country or sign an individual medical care agreement directly with an insurer (e.g. National Health Fund, ul. Batorego 24, call centre: (+48) (12) 19488; Falck, call centre: 19675; PZU Życie S.A., call centre: 0801 111 811, etc.). The monthly cost of an individual insurance is about 50 PLN.

» Visa

Visa requirements depend on on your citizenship. Some international students require passport and student visa to enter Poland, others should have a visa if they arrive in Poland with the intention of studying, even if they do not need one to cross the border.

Please contact the closest Polish consulate for details about obtaining a visa after you have been accepted to the university.

» Housing

University halls of residence

Since both students coming to the Jagiellonian University for placements and individual research stays have trainee - not student - status, they cannot apply for accommodation in the university housing, unless it is specificly allowed in student agreement of placement / individual research stay signed by the student and the university rector.

Private housing

In private housing the rent may cost between 300 and 2000 złoty, depending on whether you are sharing a room/flat and with how many people, how far from the centre the flat is, and how modern its furnishings are.

Erasmus Student Network, student organisation at the Jagiellonian University, help international student with finding a flat or room. For more details please visit the ESN website.

» Fees and financial assistance

Individual research stays

The fee for individual research stay is determined by Rector.

Tuition fees should be transferred to the University bank account after the candidates have received a confirmation of admission from the International Students Mobility Office.

The fee does not cover room or board costs.


Jagiellonian University does not provide any financial assistance to international students realizing placements at our institution.

» Fact sheet

Here you will find the actual Fact Sheet about mobility at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków


Contact and information


International Students Mobility Office

Jagiellonian University
Gołębia 24, room 21
31-007 Kraków
tel: (+48 12) 663 15 46
fax: (+48 12) 663 15 45